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Growmaster gopher basket-US patent Nos. 9,398.74, 9,468,159 and USP 9,545,601 

The ultimate in root and trunk protection

1. Completely unroll the Grow Master - Gopher Basket mesh over the root ball.
2. Secure Grow Master - Gopher Basket mesh around root ball.
Benefits of using The Grow Master - Gopher Basket:
  • The best Gopher Baskets in the pest control industry.
  • The ultimate root and trunk protection system.
  • 100% Stainless Steel construction, gopher basket.
  • Round, flexible basket for a comfortable and accurate fit.
  • The Grow Master - Gopher Basket is suitable for organic gardening.
  • Available in 2" up to 42" sizes and custom.
  • User friendly installation.
  • No harsh, rough material that beats up your hands.
  • Patent pending, soft mesh root/gopher basket-Gopher Sock.
  • The Grow Master - Gopher Basket is  made in the USA.
  • Protect your plants from gophers, rodents and other pest.
WPS / Western Planting Solutions is home of the Grow Master - Gopher basket (Stainless Steel Gopher Basket). A safe alternative to protect your young plants from ground and surface rodents. The Grow Master Gopher/Root Basket is a mesh constructed with Stainless steel, specially designed to protect the root ball system of a plant. You just simply roll the mesh up and over the root ball of the plant, just like a sock, and your done. The Stainless Steel mesh protects the root ball from damage caused by gophers, ground and surface rodents. The Genuine Gopher Basket is available in Mini,Quart, 1/2 gal,1 gal,2 gal,5 gal,15 gal and custom tree sizes. The Grow Master Gopher/Root Basket is also suitable for organic gardening.
The Grow Master - Gopher Basket offers so much protection for a great price. This new innovative root- protection system can even protect the trunk from surface rodents while remaining user friendly to install. With this product there is no expensive gopher cages or or difficult installation, just roll the mesh over the plants root system like a sock and thats it. This material is very easy to use and it wont beat up your hands in the process. Western Planting Solutions/ WPS is dedicated in bringing your customers quality, user friendly products that will dramatically improve your plants survival rate against gophers, ground/surface rodents and mother-nature. Protect your plants from gophers with the best gopher baskets.
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