Gophers, Moles & Rodents Beware!

Home Of The Original Grow Master Gopher Basket. Protect roots and trunks of plants from gophers, moles, rodents and other pest. Are you tired of your plants being destroyed by hungry critters? We can help. The Grow Master Gopher Basket is the solution to all of your rodent woes. As a safe alternative to traditional pest control, it protects your plants at the root and is easy to install. Get in touch with us today if you have any questions regarding the Gopher Basket, we would be glad to speak with you. The Growmaster gopher basket is available at most Northern California Ace Hardware stores.

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 With a wide variety of sizes to choose from, The Grow Master Gopher Basket is available to help you protect everything in your garden from the most massive maple tree to the tiniest tomato plant.

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How it Works


 We are constantly looking for new ways to improve outdoor pest control and regularly release new products to change your gardening experience for the better. 

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In The News


 We are wholeheartedly dedicated to preserving gardens and lengthening the lifespan of plants. We do what we do to protect your garden and are committed to great service. 

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 We have a wide variety of Gopher Basket sizes available, including custom options. No matter the size of your plant, you can enjoy the benefits of our innovative pest control system. 

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The Difference


Humane but effective, easy to install, and safe for organic farming, The Grow Master Gopher Basket is a true solution to the underground pest problems that many gardeners face.

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Gophers & Rodents


 Are you tired of your plants being destroyed and eaten by hungry critters? We can help. The Grow Master Gopher Basket is the solution to all of your rodent woes. 

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Protect your plants

Proven To Work


 With so many pest control options on the market, it can seem hard to determine which works best  and fits your needs, but in reality, the answer is simple — ours does. 

We Truly Care


We truly care about protecting your precious plants without hurting the rodents that eat your plants. 

Easy Installation


Don't over work yourself with other products. Our baskets and products are user friendly and enjoyable to install.


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We love and appreciate our customers, so feel free to contact us during normal business hours with whatever questions or concerns you might have about plant protection methods, nursery plants and our gopher baskets. We'll get back to you as soon as we can. Email us at:

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